Tis’ the Season…

I was reading something about Christmas bells the other day. How the bells sound so beautiful in the beginning of the season, with the twinkling musical notes that give the winter feel. Every store will resonate with this bell and people related to Christmas joy. Slowly as the season goes further, people get busy with the Christmas preparations, and the bell loses its charm. The gentle bell slightly fades away as we get busy with the preparations for Christmas party, carols, gifts, building up the Christmas tree and so on.

Same is the case with Jesus. The season is about him, the reason for the season is him, his birth, the birth of the one that came to save you and me from our sins. He is so gentle, charming and attractive. But as the time is moving on during the season, the Christmas celebrations are becoming louder than the birth of the holy one. The soothing bell is just like the birth of Jesus. Even as time goes by, the bell is still the same twinkling and jingling with the gentle music, but our focus tends to shift from the bell to other celebrations that’s louder than this bell. It is the party and festivities that takes the prioritized place than the actual reason for the season. Most of us forget the fact that Christmas is the birth of our Lord and Savior and that we should be spending more time worshipping him and celebrating his birth rather than being carried away by all the other excitements and worldly Christmas celebrations.

Is Christmas just an adjective to these things which we used to celebrate? Or is it much more than that

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