“We remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.”

– 1 Thessalonians 1:3 –

Christ’s love compels us to demonstrate His love through a variety of compassion projects.  These projects bring hope to the discarded, healing to the hurting and empower the oppressed.


Global Evangelical Team works to rescue orphans, children in poverty, and those at risk of being trafficked or sold into bonded slavery. Our network of orphanages across different parts of South Asia rescue, protect, care, and raise up children. Each of these children are created in the image of God. And, we have a sacred duty to give them hope, love, and faith.

Project: $20 / monthly


The majority of the world’s poor live in the sub-Saharan region and South Asia — comprised of Nepal, Bhutan, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Maldives. A lack of education is one if the most significant contributing factors to a people remaining subject to generations of oppression and poverty. Global Evangelical Team works to identify children at risk and provide opportunity for education.

Project: $15 per child / monthly


In South Asia, a widow is seen as cursed.
They are often shunned from community and at times even discarded by their family. Abandonment or poverty accompanies most of them who are unable to take care of themselves.

Global Evangelical Team provides basic food and clothes to widows, to let them live a life of dignity and self worth.

Project: $10 per person / monthly

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress …”

– James 1:27 –


About half of the world’s illiterate adults live in South Asia. Most of them, women.

Illiteracy reduces the dignity of a person in their own eyes, keeps them in the grips of poverty, and allows them to stay oppressed. Global Evangelical Team trained missionaries conduct literacy classes in tribes and remote villages to help adults learn how to read, write and count.

Project: $250 per village


Three to five day culturally relevant festivals are held in unreached villages. The Gospel is explained in the native language by native workers in a culturally relevant and intelligent way.

Project: $100


Slums and impoverished neighborhoods are increasingly common in many parts of South Asia. Children raised in slums are at risk of becoming drug addicts, learn to steal at a very young age and most do not go to school. Global Evangelical Team forms clubs for children in slums to learn songs, engage in friendly activities, and also hear the Gospel.

Project: $60 / monthly

“Global Evangelical Team is well-organized to accomplish an overwhelming task in India and surrounding countries with very limited resources. Each [ministry leader] is passionate about what they do, often making personal and family sacrifices…        Several have experienced going hungry, being emotionally and physically persecuted, and living at time without income themselves that others might come to hear the Gospel.”

Bryan DenHartog, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon, Iowa

I am happy to provide an endorsement of Global Evangelical Team leadership, ministry, and integrity. GET is well-organized to accomplish an overwhelming task in India and surrounding countries with very limited resources. I am personally acquainted with the GET founder and his family plus many leaders of the ministry today. Each one is passionate about what they do, often making personal and family sacrifices for a cause for which they are passionate. Several have experienced going hungry, being emotionally and physically persecuted, and living at time without income themselves that others might come to hear the Gospel. I remain in awe of their commitment and determination. Within GET are men and women of the highest integrity and character. Their word is even better than a contract. I recommend the men and women of GET to you without hesitation or reservation.

Dr. Gary Harber, Senior Pastor, St James United Methodist Church, Oklahoma

“I had the privilege of traveling to India to work with Global Evangelical Team.   To say I came away humbled and impressed would be an understatement. God has raised up an army of believers who are having an incredible impact for the Gospel in their country. If you have the opportunity to partner with GET whether through direct ministry or through financial support I assure you it is a great ministry and a good stewardship of your resources.

Gary Garrison, Senior Pastor, Second Baptist Church, Huntsville, Texas


Every nation in South Asia is ranked among the most persecuted, closed nations in the world. And the persecution is growing every year. The emotional torture is constant. Homes are often burnt, many are chased away from their village, their cattle (their livelihood) are killed, women are abused and men are killed.


Many villagers in underdeveloped regions are not aware of basic hygiene practices and have no access to medical care.
Global Evangelical Team sends trained nurses and doctors to provide hygiene awareness, education on immunization, conduct surgery camps and provide general medical care.


Global Evangelical Team is uniquely positioned to provide disaster relief assistance to the region of South Asia.

Our established network of indigenous leaders provides us the ability quickly discern where the greatest needs arise and mobilize into relief teams to ensure aid is distributed to those most in need.


No work can be done without tools. Your support empowers native missionaries with certain key evangelism and ministry tools. These tools will enable them to become self sufficient, achieve stability, and provide greater momentum for growth.

Global Evangelical Team distributes more than 0
Bibles in various Indian languages every year.


“We can live without food, clothes or even a house. But, there is no way we can surivive without the word of God.” – Napali church planter

For those who have never seen first-hand, it can be hard to image how cherished a copy of the Scripture is to someone who has just heard of Christ for the first time.


As workers are trained and sent into the field, lack of a transportation infrastructure can pose challenges in undeveloped regions. Public transportation is often absent. Global Evangelical Team personnel are often capable of serving multiple villages within a people group as we are able to provide them the means to travel.

Motorcycle: $950 / Bicycle: $90


Global Evangelical Team works with national partners to conduct several regional bible schools in India, Nepal and Bhutan, to train such native missionaries to be effective carriers of the Gospel and disciple makers. These young men and women are trained in small groups of 10-15, where spiritual formation is the central focus. They are trained under the supervision of a senior leader, a person who has had at least 10 years of leadership experience in ministry and has proven in character, calling, ministry competency, leadership and ministry effectiveness.

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