Then Jesus said, “Go out to the highways and hedges and compel people to come in, that my house may be filled.”

– LUKE 14:23 –

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of native missionaries currently in the field
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churches planted across India, Bhutan, and Nepal.

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Why South Asia?

  • Half the world’s adult illiterate population and the majority of the world’s poor live in the sub-Saharan region and South Asia.
  • South Asia is home to almost half the world’s modern slaves — many of them young girls sold into sex trafficking.

Every nation in South Asia is ranked among the most persecuted, closed nations in the world.

Pakistan – 4th | India – 10th | Bangladesh – 26th | Myanmar – 28th | Bhutan – 30th

And the persecution is growing every year.

The emotional torture is constant. Homes are often burnt, many are chased away from their village, their cattle (their livelihood) are killed, women are abused and men are killed.

Global Evangelical Team

Global Evangelical Team is serving and Bringing hope and freedom to people in the poorest darkest regions of the world

How You Can Help

Sponsor a Missionary

Send a worker into an unreached people group.

Plant a Church

A local church serves as a base, or hub, for hope and healing.

Sponsor a Compassion Project

Target your support to a specific compassion project.







I had the privilege of traveling to India to work with the Global Evangelical Team (GET). I was there to speak at two different pastor’s conferences in different areas of the country. While I was there, I had the opportunity to meet and speak to over 200 GET pastors, visit two of GET’s Bible training centers, see two of their orphanages and speak in a number of churches planted by GET. To say I came away humbled and impressed would be an understatement. God has raised up an army of Indian believers who are having an incredible impact on the Gospel in their country. If you have the opportunity to partner with GET I assure you it is a great ministry and a good stewardship of your resources. I look forward to seeing all God has planned to do in India through the ministry of GET.

Gary Garrison, Senior Pastor, Second Baptist Church, Huntsville, Texas

“Motivated by the love of God and responding to their call to the nations, the entire Global Evangelical Team maintains a deep commitment to demanding hard work and personal sacrifices. They are involved in evangelism, church planting, education, training, and various compassionate ministries in the most unreached areas of the world.”

Thomson K. Mathew, DMin, EdD., Professor and Former Dean, College of Theology and Minsitry, Oral Roberts University

“It has been an absolute joy to partner with Global Evangelical Team over the years. They are an organization of upmost integrity and character and the ROI (return on investment) in the mission field and compassion projects has been so fulfilling to my family and business. Having personally traveled and seen the work first hand I can tell you that every dollar that is given goes to the cause that is intended – with reports from the field to back it up. It is a well connected and organized ministry that has a unique DNA and culture where they truly are reaching the unreached.”

Scott Bauer, Business Owner

In 2015, I traveled to the home of Indian Evangelical Team (IET) in India—known as Global Evangelical Team (GET) in the USA. What I saw was wonderful: an organization with a razor focus on planting churches in very rural communities and villages of mostly unreached, micro, tribal people groups where Jesus is not known. While filled with untold millions of people, many of these villages do not have electricity or running water in the homes. Where I traveled, the people were hours away from a town—much less a city—and had minimal contact with the outside world.

GET’s history and DNA-driven approach is to study potential villages and test their receptiveness to the Gospel. If they find the tribal group receptive, GET partners with donors to send in a team of trained, native missionaries. This team takes the Gospel and ultimately plants churches among the unreached peoples. These believers are then established in faith so that the planted church will become mature and be self-led, self-propagating and self-sustaining.

The fastest growing village in a tribal people group often becomes the area’s new training center, created with the hope and purpose of teaching and equipping more missionaries to further plant churches in the surrounding unreached areas. This approach, in my mind, still mirrors the missionary journeys and approaches found in Acts. Our church wholeheartedly supports and recommends GET’s ministry.

Monte Robinson, President, Associate Pastor Fellowship Of Huntsville Church

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